Famous quotations brought to life.

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DesignDifferent hand made poster

DesignDifferent hand made poster

Beautiful hand drawn posters by Ryan McArthur (DesignDifferent), digitized and printed. Quotations are by past authors, philosophers, scientists.


A city guide of NYC from the visitors’ point of view.

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New York City

‘Authentic’ is the keyword to describe this guide. The project comes from a simple and powerful idea: that the best guide of a city like New York could be a mixture of different perspectives given by the people who visited it. So the makers have built a platform through which tourists that visited NYC can share their feelings and memories about it. Then, the best of these are printed and placed in each borough throughout the city. An original font was designed, also the map of the city was redesigned respecting the original blocks, and a series of gadgets like shirts, hoodies and tote bags were hand silkscreened “to give an authentic feel” as the designers say. Concept and design by Mia Dörwald – miadoerwald.com.

Write with Diamonds.

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Diamonds font type

Diamonds is a typefamily designed by Hannes von Döhren. He describes it as “a straight and clear typeface…away from the path of classic and well learned letter shapes“. It’s equipped with all the glyphs for professional typography and a plus of arrows and geometrical forms. I like the modern treatment of the classic sans typo. I find it suitable in particular for fashion projects and logotypes. The trailer made for the launch of the font is also worthy of attention for the possible typografical treatments that it allows as much in posters as in movie design.

Skin cleaning and graphic cleanliness.

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Sorein new packages

Few words can be said. When you’re in front of a pure and simple line of packages like this, and your eyes are pleased by proportions, by harmonies of colors and lines, by appropriate typographic choices, you know you’re in front of a work well done, well balanced in every aspect. Since we’re talking of a chemical company, the graphic modernism seems often commonplace. What is not common is the ability to make you desire such a product as if it shone of its own light. By allink.


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babees honey

How to make honey desirable and attractive for kids? Ah&Oh Studio found an interesting and simple solution: they turned a simple jar in a delightful character with very little interventions on the graphic and structure of the pack, just few black stripes around the transparent jar, and a curved hand-written logtype like a smile on top. This is ‘Babees‘, a clear and yummy idea by a skilled couple of Polish designers.

Polkadot, ‘the virtual sofa’ for design readings.

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Polkadot is a successful blog and magazine. It talks about modern lifestyle in design, fashion, adv, music…The simple, cool modern graphic  layout designed by its curators Angelo Superti and Federica Richiardone helps you focusing on the content, giving pleasure to the eyes at the same time with its clean design and refined typographic approach. Here is the blog: www.polkadot.it and here’s the mag: polkadotmag.tumblr.com

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