Innovation comes from the students.

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Norbert Mayer project

Norbert Mayer project

Very often innovation comes from school workshops. Here is an interesting packaging project made by a design student, Norbert Mayer, for three medication products of a same family. I appreciated much the union of a minimal design, made of simple graphic elements, and the choice of a full yellow instead of the classical white (as normally used for this kind of packs) combined with the idea of white grids of dots and lines representing the respective organs treated. I found this project interesting for its countertrend conception of a particular type of pack, not so used to changings.


A ‘Generous’ family of bakery products.

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Bowling Brussels designed this series of delicious illustrated packagings for a nice bakery based in Brussels, Generous. Jens Claessens illustrated the family of characters associated with the flavours, each one with a peculiar personality.

Skin cleaning and graphic cleanliness.

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Sorein new packages

Few words can be said. When you’re in front of a pure and simple line of packages like this, and your eyes are pleased by proportions, by harmonies of colors and lines, by appropriate typographic choices, you know you’re in front of a work well done, well balanced in every aspect. Since we’re talking of a chemical company, the graphic modernism seems often commonplace. What is not common is the ability to make you desire such a product as if it shone of its own light. By allink.


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'More' juice packaging

More flavors, more percentage of real fruit, thus more health and hygene and more taste. But also more clearness, more perception and distinction on the shelves through a clear and simple communication, however impacting. The plus/cross symbol togheter with the white of the pack emphasize the concept of health, while the fruit illustrations tickle the consumer’s appetite with their power without violating the simplicity of the design. Design by Kayhan Baspinar.


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babees honey

How to make honey desirable and attractive for kids? Ah&Oh Studio found an interesting and simple solution: they turned a simple jar in a delightful character with very little interventions on the graphic and structure of the pack, just few black stripes around the transparent jar, and a curved hand-written logtype like a smile on top. This is ‘Babees‘, a clear and yummy idea by a skilled couple of Polish designers.

Why hide…?

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Naked beer - by Timur Salikhov

That seems a good idea! Oh, well…could be because of the hot air outside (40°C) and thus the thirst that burns my throat right now…anyway I think that’s a good idea to show what a good and fresh beer looks like into a pack. The last one simply disappears to let us desire the content. I appreciate much also the minimalism used in the typographic layer, as well as the combination of a gentle calligraphic logo (a beer is always female!) and a strong and pure sans-serif (the male statement: “Show me what you look like!”). A fresh and tasty idea by Timur Salikhov

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