The ‘Push Conference’: bridging the gap between UI design and interactive art.

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Push Conference 2012

The Push Conference is a two-day event where user-experience designers and interactive artists will meet and talk together and bridge the gap between their respective skills and vocation. This is an explicative graphic chart:


The power of Pinterest, in data.

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Power of Pinterest in data

These are a series of charts realized by Fast Company that help us to understand the Pinterest phenomenom in data. First of all, we realize that women are the predominant users of this social network. ‘Visual Art and Design’ and ‘Craft’ are the predominant tags, but the most interesting fact, as the authors say, is that “..something about its layout and culture stokes an enormous buying impulse.” That means very soon we’ll see companies much interested in ‘pinners’ as they already are in ‘likers’. Design by Ted Keller, Fast Company.

A city guide of NYC from the visitors’ point of view.

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New York City

‘Authentic’ is the keyword to describe this guide. The project comes from a simple and powerful idea: that the best guide of a city like New York could be a mixture of different perspectives given by the people who visited it. So the makers have built a platform through which tourists that visited NYC can share their feelings and memories about it. Then, the best of these are printed and placed in each borough throughout the city. An original font was designed, also the map of the city was redesigned respecting the original blocks, and a series of gadgets like shirts, hoodies and tote bags were hand silkscreened “to give an authentic feel” as the designers say. Concept and design by Mia Dörwald –

They are among us, our little helpers.

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Tom Nulens

Everyday we face many practical problems, from a way to find or service to reach (be it in the real world or on the web) and we can see at pictograms as many little assistants, each one endowed with a particular nature or feature, who help us extricating this complex world of paths, orders/advices, directives and instructions, things to do and to learn. As the presence of these “many-little-helpers” is a concrete reality (even if unconsciously assimilated), there are also “many-little-creators”, skilled designers, who bear the responsability to give life to such “creatures” so important for our life, living in symbiosis with us. Tom Nulens, a Belgian Designer and Art director, is one of those skilled creators. I envite you to discover his digital smithy: Sodafish. Bon voyage!

The Witcher 2 Intro Visual Data

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The Witcher 2 Intro Visual Data

Organizing complex systems of data is thrilling, and when you reach beautiful and functional solutions you feel a sense of power, the power of control over a wild, complex, informative world. You can feel the same in watching such a work as the one for TW2 Visual Breakdown. This apparently complex diagram goes further on respect to a basic timetable or storyboard. This beautiful work of synthesis shows how hard was the process behind the creation of the game cinematics. Concept and production by Platige Image.

We all are bathed in data

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immaterial data visualization - Christopher Warnow

Like it or not, we know it, even if we ignore it (or choose to ignore) for most of the time: data are everywhere around us, carried by waves in which we all are constantly immersed. Nowadays architects and designers have the problem to manage these data and give them a form. My question, as a visual designer, is about the possibility to give visible form to the growing complexity of this ‘data-sphere’ or ‘hertzian-space‘, in order to produce a shareable sense, and thus shareable information. The research of Christopher Warnow in the field of data visualization is very interesting in this sense. I was impressed in particular by his project of immaterial-data visualization in a tridimensional space. New and interesting fields are opening to designers, in which to discover new forms of narratives between space and data.

Challenging ideas for the future

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Map of the future

A well drawn map designed by Design Density that shows the scenarios developed by the Institute for the Future in Palo Alto about ideas and hypothesis built by 7000 influencers from all over the world .

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