Famous quotations brought to life.

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DesignDifferent hand made poster

DesignDifferent hand made poster

Beautiful hand drawn posters by Ryan McArthur (DesignDifferent), digitized and printed. Quotations are by past authors, philosophers, scientists.


A ‘Generous’ family of bakery products.

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Bowling Brussels designed this series of delicious illustrated packagings for a nice bakery based in Brussels, Generous. Jens Claessens illustrated the family of characters associated with the flavours, each one with a peculiar personality.

Ink and color, that’s what dreams are made of.

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You can have a dream by the hands of a talented illustrator, a dream made of ink and color, a timelapse of contemplation while your eyes follow the movements of a pen on a white canvas or the colors expanding one step at a time. The nickname of this young “sandman” is Elfandiary, and here is his diary: elfandiary.tumblr.com.

The invention that changed the world. “Kinematograph” by Platige Image.

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Another pearl from Platige Image, a short movie born with the collaboration of the visual designer Jakub Jabłoński. It’s a “victorian-style fairy tale” in list for a nomination to the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film.
Hope to see it fully very soon.

The art of Borja Bonaque, designer and illustrator.

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Borja Bonaque

Borja Bonaque is a young and talented spanish illustrator and designer who worked for clients such as Financial Times, Wallpaper Magazine, New Scientist, Wired Magazine, Starbucks and many others. All of his works have a retro mood yet they are purely modern, made through a combination of hand-drawing and digital art. Here is a brief interview.

Music is like a jack-in-the-box. The new visual identity for the Auditori de Barcelona.

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L'Auditori de Barcelona

The designers started from the observation of the particular structure of the building. They developed a versatile graphic layout that could be applied over 3d illustrations and photos. Music appears like coloured solid art popping out of the Auditori-box. Art direction and design by toormix, Illustrations by Serial Cut.

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