Animating ‘pliages’ for La Poste

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A delightful world of folded paper is at the center of a creative animation made by BETC for La Poste. Animation by Animishmish.


Ink and color, that’s what dreams are made of.

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You can have a dream by the hands of a talented illustrator, a dream made of ink and color, a timelapse of contemplation while your eyes follow the movements of a pen on a white canvas or the colors expanding one step at a time. The nickname of this young “sandman” is Elfandiary, and here is his diary:

The invention that changed the world. “Kinematograph” by Platige Image.

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Another pearl from Platige Image, a short movie born with the collaboration of the visual designer Jakub Jabłoński. It’s a “victorian-style fairy tale” in list for a nomination to the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film.
Hope to see it fully very soon.

Plain and pure visual impact for Fage ‘Plain’ yogurt.

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My eyes can really feel or touch this plain and pure yogurt, it’s so clear and evident from this commercial…So simple…so plain. By Psyop.

Twinings gets you back to you.

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Lovely animation based on the concept proposed by the brand Twinings, it’s an invitation to women to rediscover themselves taking 10 minutes relaxing each day, with a cup of Twinings tea, avoiding in such a way the disconnection with the real self. By Psyop.

the Beatles Rock Band cinematic

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Harmonix “The Beatles: Rock Band” Cinematic from Shy the Sun on Vimeo.

Astonishing cinematic for the Harmonix ‘Beatles Rock Band’ project, made by a skilful south african agency in collaboration with Pete Candeland. Simply magical!

Virtuous graphic methamorphosis.

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Wonderful graphic methamorphosis for good. This animation is for Goodbooks, a book  service that delivers worldwide for charity .

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