No motion sickness with Mareol. Beautiful cartoon styled print ad.

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Mareol campaign

Pfizer Mareol is a medicine brand leader in the category of motion sickness prevention. This campaign made by Andrés Moncayo for McCann is based on very suggestive illustrations communicating the concept of the brand: with Mareol you’ll have no more sickness during travel, and no matter you’re sailing or flying or on the road, you will feel as you move on your own, out of a metallic box (boat, car, plain) and free from sickness, free to enjoy the travel. The trick of representing a relaxed figure that ‘flies’ over the sea, a street or next to a plain in the sky, is very impactive and attention getting. Of course these beautiful illustrations are much more effective in this case than how much a photographic campaign could have been.


Plain and pure visual impact for Fage ‘Plain’ yogurt.

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My eyes can really feel or touch this plain and pure yogurt, it’s so clear and evident from this commercial…So simple…so plain. By Psyop.

Twinings gets you back to you.

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Lovely animation based on the concept proposed by the brand Twinings, it’s an invitation to women to rediscover themselves taking 10 minutes relaxing each day, with a cup of Twinings tea, avoiding in such a way the disconnection with the real self. By Psyop.

“SH°UT affiche” by A. Gottardo

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Shout Affiche by A.Gottardo

Beautiful illustrations made by the award-winning visual artist Alessandro Gottardo. The conceptual simplicity and clearness of visual expression that emanate from theese works are relaxing for the mind.

Poland pushes our immagination

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In 2011 Poland made us dream with a coloured campaign for the Travel Trade Show. It depicts a modern country made of inventive people with the sens of humor, and invites us to discover it. A group of friendly creatures invaded streets and squares of Berlin, playing with visitors. I like this fresh and joyful way of communicating the spirit of a country.

Lego invites us to ‘imagine’.

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LEGO - the Simpsons

A strong message in a word and some coloured bricks: ‘Imagine’, the new LEGO campaign.

Renault Twizy Campaign

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Campaign for Renault Twizy

Campaign for Renault Twizy

Renault gives birth to Twizy! A new electrical urban creature embodying audacity and innovation. With the campaign realized by Le creativeSweatshop the city becomes a new, playful territory, where Twizy moves and interacts with forms and space, reflections of its inner soul: the colourful joy of urban living, respecting the environment. These are the concepts that seem to emerge powerfully from the AD, and powerful is also the character of this tiny city-car ready to redesign the town, its own ‘ecosystem’.

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