‘Efinity’ brand identity. How to give a ‘graphic vitality’ to code.

October 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

Efinity brand identity

I’ve always thought that code can create multiple forms of life (or that “code is poetry” as Worpress says). This project gave me that feeling. Helen is a Polish graphic designer very very good at designing brand identities. I discovered her projects on her site. Every choice in each project is well motivated and explained, clearly and straight to the point of the problems. The problem to solve, in this particular project for Efinity (a software company), was to make a branding system that should come down from the mother-brand (Leadenhall) without being perceived too much near. So, the grid system made for Leadenhall’s graphic identity appears as if it were taken and distorted, stretched, mashed, re-mixed and reformed in something new, something more technological and versatile, something even more creative and beautiful. And that was the case, since Efinity is the creative and technological brain behind the insurance agency. The net made of dots and lines, togheter with the desaturated colors and the grey limbo behind the graphics, complete the aspect of a technological brand. By Helena Prylowska


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