The power of Pinterest, in data.

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Power of Pinterest in data

These are a series of charts realized by Fast Company that help us to understand the Pinterest phenomenom in data. First of all, we realize that women are the predominant users of this social network. ‘Visual Art and Design’ and ‘Craft’ are the predominant tags, but the most interesting fact, as the authors say, is that “..something about its layout and culture stokes an enormous buying impulse.” That means very soon we’ll see companies much interested in ‘pinners’ as they already are in ‘likers’. Design by Ted Keller, Fast Company.


Music is like a jack-in-the-box. The new visual identity for the Auditori de Barcelona.

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L'Auditori de Barcelona

The designers started from the observation of the particular structure of the building. They developed a versatile graphic layout that could be applied over 3d illustrations and photos. Music appears like coloured solid art popping out of the Auditori-box. Art direction and design by toormix, Illustrations by Serial Cut.

Popshot Magazine. Poetry marries illustration.

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Popshot Magazine October

Popshot Magazine is a literary magazine started in 2008 and now it’s distributed in 18 countries. It combines poetry and illustration in a beautiful and clean format in which the minimal graphic and typographic design gives much space and breath to the art inside the page. As the editors say: “There was a feeling that the world of poetry was driving itself into an elitest and fusty no-through road, and we wanted to do something about it.” I think they succeeded in it.

The art of Lars Henkel, graphic builder of the magic.

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Lars Henkel illustration

Very often it occurs to descover in art a proximity between the so called artistic composition and graphic design, so that an artist that assembles pieces of images taken from his conscious and unconscious world, on different media, producing a surreal collage of romantic dreams, can be identified also as a graphic designer. Thus he reveals himself as the creator of an organized cosmos of things and creatures, who uses different media as bricks to build the same communication process that guide us to that cosmos. One of these talented worlds’ builders is Lars Henkel, and I already love his magic.

F. Vicente’s for “The Communist Manifesto” book.

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Fernando Vicente

Beautiful illustrations made by Fernando Vicente for “The Communist Manifesto”, a book edited by Nordica Libros.

‘Efinity’ brand identity. How to give a ‘graphic vitality’ to code.

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Efinity brand identity

I’ve always thought that code can create multiple forms of life (or that “code is poetry” as Worpress says). This project gave me that feeling. Helen is a Polish graphic designer very very good at designing brand identities. I discovered her projects on her site. Every choice in each project is well motivated and explained, clearly and straight to the point of the problems. The problem to solve, in this particular project for Efinity (a software company), was to make a branding system that should come down from the mother-brand (Leadenhall) without being perceived too much near. So, the grid system made for Leadenhall’s graphic identity appears as if it were taken and distorted, stretched, mashed, re-mixed and reformed in something new, something more technological and versatile, something even more creative and beautiful. And that was the case, since Efinity is the creative and technological brain behind the insurance agency. The net made of dots and lines, togheter with the desaturated colors and the grey limbo behind the graphics, complete the aspect of a technological brand. By Helena Prylowska

A city guide of NYC from the visitors’ point of view.

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New York City

‘Authentic’ is the keyword to describe this guide. The project comes from a simple and powerful idea: that the best guide of a city like New York could be a mixture of different perspectives given by the people who visited it. So the makers have built a platform through which tourists that visited NYC can share their feelings and memories about it. Then, the best of these are printed and placed in each borough throughout the city. An original font was designed, also the map of the city was redesigned respecting the original blocks, and a series of gadgets like shirts, hoodies and tote bags were hand silkscreened “to give an authentic feel” as the designers say. Concept and design by Mia Dörwald –

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