Write with Diamonds.

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Diamonds font type

Diamonds is a typefamily designed by Hannes von Döhren. He describes it as “a straight and clear typeface…away from the path of classic and well learned letter shapes“. It’s equipped with all the glyphs for professional typography and a plus of arrows and geometrical forms. I like the modern treatment of the classic sans typo. I find it suitable in particular for fashion projects and logotypes. The trailer made for the launch of the font is also worthy of attention for the possible typografical treatments that it allows as much in posters as in movie design.


Artisan crafts and graphic design. Always a good marriage.

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Anna Trympali - Cyclades Packaging

Simple drawings made with a nib, few colour printing, clean typography and good balance between graphic elements and white spaces. This all gives a look-and-feel of genuine products from the countryside. It’s a school packaging project for local products of Cyclades, by Anna Trympali.

Plain and pure visual impact for Fage ‘Plain’ yogurt.

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My eyes can really feel or touch this plain and pure yogurt, it’s so clear and evident from this commercial…So simple…so plain. By Psyop.

Twinings gets you back to you.

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Lovely animation based on the concept proposed by the brand Twinings, it’s an invitation to women to rediscover themselves taking 10 minutes relaxing each day, with a cup of Twinings tea, avoiding in such a way the disconnection with the real self. By Psyop.

Music to our eyes.

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Have you ever wondered what a conductor draws in the air? Well, this project is meant to show the fusion between the musician, the artist and the designer he represents and performs. It is actually a language, a form of visual communication that everyone inside the orchestra should understand and translate in music language, and every movement has to be precise and clear. Graphically intriguing, clear and expressive, this project comes from th Music to My Eyes Competition of MATT (Society of Hungarian Graphic Designers and Typographers). by Hiddencharacters.

‘G&J’, not a brand for boring people.

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Identities are becoming increasingly dynamic. The fusion of two respective identities or concepts creates even more dynamism and interesting weavings. This is the case of Ginger&Jagger, two opposites that intersect each other, thus creating a new evolving and ever changing reality. The most interesting aspect of this brand is the peculiarity of being multiform and eclectic, always original, unique. It makes itself strong by these inner contrasts, so divergent from other furniture brands, and as the creators say: “The new brand is not for boring people.” By This is Pacifica.

Horizons. Photos Outside the frame.

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Beautiful identity project for the Moscow International Photoforum. The simple black-and-white silhouettes strongly reminds of the characteristics of films and frames, and thus connotes itself in the context of photography and motion picture. The empty frames togheter with the character-silhouettes on top and above points out clearly to the concept of the show: “a forum of photos that are beyond the frames“. Simple, effective and aesthetically attractive. By Vova Lifanov, ‘Suprematika‘.

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