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Naked beer - by Timur Salikhov

That seems a good idea! Oh, well…could be because of the hot air outside (40°C) and thus the thirst that burns my throat right now…anyway I think that’s a good idea to show what a good and fresh beer looks like into a pack. The last one simply disappears to let us desire the content. I appreciate much also the minimalism used in the typographic layer, as well as the combination of a gentle calligraphic logo (a beer is always female!) and a strong and pure sans-serif (the male statement: “Show me what you look like!”). A fresh and tasty idea by Timur Salikhov


They are among us, our little helpers.

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Tom Nulens

Everyday we face many practical problems, from a way to find or service to reach (be it in the real world or on the web) and we can see at pictograms as many little assistants, each one endowed with a particular nature or feature, who help us extricating this complex world of paths, orders/advices, directives and instructions, things to do and to learn. As the presence of these “many-little-helpers” is a concrete reality (even if unconsciously assimilated), there are also “many-little-creators”, skilled designers, who bear the responsability to give life to such “creatures” so important for our life, living in symbiosis with us. Tom Nulens, a Belgian Designer and Art director, is one of those skilled creators. I envite you to discover his digital smithy: Sodafish. Bon voyage!

Charis Tsevis for Yahoo! 2012 olympic contents.

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Charis Tsevis for Yahoo Olympic Games Campaign

Colourful olympic illustrations by Charis Tsevis for Yahoo! coverage of the London 2012 Olympic games.

Rio 2016: the carioca embrace.

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A logo that embraces the world with all the the best values of the carioca spirit. It’s warm and hospitable like the heart and smile of Brasilians, and it’s thje result effort of a huge team-work, ‘Tátil Design de Ideias‘, of course a brasilian design company. Inspiring and emotional, I think it is a logo for the world, a gift by a country that has so much to give to the world, in terms of positive ideas.

‘M-idea Forever’ identity projetc

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Here is a very good project of branding, from my point of view, designed by Scandinaviandesignlab. I think the way the designers chose to conceptualize and convey the key concept of the brand, through the symbol of carbon’s dualistic nature, is interesting in itself. Stylistically it fits into one of the present-day trends in graphic design, that is the ‘tessellation’ and ‘mirroring’ of geometrical elements (also in this sense the choice for the carbon element is suitable).

“SH°UT affiche” by A. Gottardo

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Shout Affiche by A.Gottardo

Beautiful illustrations made by the award-winning visual artist Alessandro Gottardo. The conceptual simplicity and clearness of visual expression that emanate from theese works are relaxing for the mind.

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