The Witcher 2 Intro Visual Data

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The Witcher 2 Intro Visual Data

Organizing complex systems of data is thrilling, and when you reach beautiful and functional solutions you feel a sense of power, the power of control over a wild, complex, informative world. You can feel the same in watching such a work as the one for TW2 Visual Breakdown. This apparently complex diagram goes further on respect to a basic timetable or storyboard. This beautiful work of synthesis shows how hard was the process behind the creation of the game cinematics. Concept and production by Platige Image.


We all are bathed in data

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immaterial data visualization - Christopher Warnow

Like it or not, we know it, even if we ignore it (or choose to ignore) for most of the time: data are everywhere around us, carried by waves in which we all are constantly immersed. Nowadays architects and designers have the problem to manage these data and give them a form. My question, as a visual designer, is about the possibility to give visible form to the growing complexity of this ‘data-sphere’ or ‘hertzian-space‘, in order to produce a shareable sense, and thus shareable information. The research of Christopher Warnow in the field of data visualization is very interesting in this sense. I was impressed in particular by his project of immaterial-data visualization in a tridimensional space. New and interesting fields are opening to designers, in which to discover new forms of narratives between space and data.

How Microsoft could be, according to Andrew Kim

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Minimal Minimal rethinks Microsoft brand. Aesthetically pure and inspiring, this redesign starts from an intelligent analysis of the brand, examining its strenghts and weak points, confronting them with the ones of its competitors, and suggests an interesting solution, aesthetically intriguing, surely much more inspiring than it is nowadays.

Poland pushes our immagination

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In 2011 Poland made us dream with a coloured campaign for the Travel Trade Show. It depicts a modern country made of inventive people with the sens of humor, and invites us to discover it. A group of friendly creatures invaded streets and squares of Berlin, playing with visitors. I like this fresh and joyful way of communicating the spirit of a country.

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