Virtuous graphic methamorphosis.

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Wonderful graphic methamorphosis for good. This animation is for Goodbooks, a book  service that delivers worldwide for charity .


Lego invites us to ‘imagine’.

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LEGO - the Simpsons

A strong message in a word and some coloured bricks: ‘Imagine’, the new LEGO campaign.

Polkadot, ‘the virtual sofa’ for design readings.

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Polkadot is a successful blog and magazine. It talks about modern lifestyle in design, fashion, adv, music…The simple, cool modern graphic  layout designed by its curators Angelo Superti and Federica Richiardone helps you focusing on the content, giving pleasure to the eyes at the same time with its clean design and refined typographic approach. Here is the blog: and here’s the mag:

Ethereal graphic overlappings. The art of Dan Mountford.

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Beautiful illustrations by Dan Mountford, a truly skilled 20 year old graphic designer from Brighton. The technique is interesting: double exposure ‘in camera’ plus photoshop coloring and vector overlaying. Here is his Flickr portfolio.

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BR-Design Rebrand 2011

The lion as symbol of loyalty, fidelity, courage, power, protectiveness, that’s the renewed identity of an interctive agency based in Gdańsk and London. The modern graphic reinterpretation of the heraldic themes of the lion and the shield, together with the use of old engravings matched with modern coloring and typograph, make this identity appealing for the eyes. Taken on Br-Design portfolio on Behance.

Jacu Coffee Roastery identity

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I do love this type of “hand-crafted” identities! This is a kind of refined, elegant and ‘fragrant’ design for a…coffee roastery! A work by Tom Emil Olsen.

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