Radiation dosage chart

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Radiation dosage chart

Radiation dosage chart

A beautifully designed radiation dosage chart by David McCandles, in logarithmic scale. Data source: BBC, Guardian Datablog, Mayo Clinic, XKCD


LINOTYPE. The film

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A feature-length documentary film centered around the Linotype typecasting machine. Linotypes are machines from the past since the computers overwhelmed them, but they are part of our history, and had a significant role for culture and progress, not only in the field of typography and printing. Some passionate people now are fighting for them to survive, with this documentary.

taken from: linotypefilm.com

Creatives for Japan aid

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Poster for Japan

Creatives all around the globe are producing their art and design for raising funds in aid of Japan. Here is a list of associations involved in Japan aid, as well as single designers who are selling posters, t-shirts, handmade stuff, all for helping Japans to survive:

taken from: designobserver.com

Pictoplasma 2011 Festival has come

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If you love charachters that is the annual appointment you cannot miss. A week rich of events, conferences, lectures and workshops, a full immersion into the fantastic world of charachters. Where? In Berlin! -> pictoplasma.de

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