Innovation comes from the students.

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Norbert Mayer project

Norbert Mayer project

Very often innovation comes from school workshops. Here is an interesting packaging project made by a design student, Norbert Mayer, for three medication products of a same family. I appreciated much the union of a minimal design, made of simple graphic elements, and the choice of a full yellow instead of the classical white (as normally used for this kind of packs) combined with the idea of white grids of dots and lines representing the respective organs treated. I found this project interesting for its countertrend conception of a particular type of pack, not so used to changings.


Famous quotations brought to life.

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DesignDifferent hand made poster

DesignDifferent hand made poster

Beautiful hand drawn posters by Ryan McArthur (DesignDifferent), digitized and printed. Quotations are by past authors, philosophers, scientists.

Tasty identities – Shovel & Bell quality branding

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Shovel & Bell

Traditional gelato shovels, experience, quality, and taste, theese are the root-concepts of this elegant and traditional gelateria in Guangzhou, China, ‘Shovel & Bell‘. “While we wanted our brand to reflect quality and luxury, we also wanted to bring out the childish side of people” ( Tasty and inspiring. Yuhm!

A ‘Generous’ family of bakery products.

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Bowling Brussels designed this series of delicious illustrated packagings for a nice bakery based in Brussels, Generous. Jens Claessens illustrated the family of characters associated with the flavours, each one with a peculiar personality.

Animating ‘pliages’ for La Poste

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A delightful world of folded paper is at the center of a creative animation made by BETC for La Poste. Animation by Animishmish.

Ink and color, that’s what dreams are made of.

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You can have a dream by the hands of a talented illustrator, a dream made of ink and color, a timelapse of contemplation while your eyes follow the movements of a pen on a white canvas or the colors expanding one step at a time. The nickname of this young “sandman” is Elfandiary, and here is his diary: